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Journal of Sofonisba Anguissola Essay example - 1150 Words

Journal of Sofonisba Anguissola From the Journal of Sofonisba Anguissola: June 1, 1581 I have painted many self-portraits in my life, but the one that sticks out the most to me is the one in which I painted myself holding a book. I was born in a time, when women typically were not encouraged to obtain an education. My family, however, went against the grain, and actively supported my sisters and I in our education. Even today, as I write this, my society celebrates women for our â€Å"virtue and beauty,† (Niyazi, 2011) with our sole purpose being solely the â€Å"ambition to marry and bear children† (Niyazi, 2011). Nowadays, women in Italy are â€Å"consigned to sit in their palazzos and pursue needle work† (Burke, 1995) when not occupied with†¦show more content†¦I avoided these â€Å"female signifiers† (Niyazi, 2011) so that the audience would not connect my image with beauty, which is something that is traditionally connected to women in my society. I created this image to look masculine in order to show that I am mature, indepen dent, and self-possessed (Niyazi, 2011). Even the background behind me has nothing that would detract from this; the background is a rich green color that only makes my figure stand out to the viewer. I can only hope that the women that have looked at this portrait of me are inspired to pursue their goals and dreams, no matter how foolish they may seem to be by society. I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to break away from my expected norms and go after the arts. I hear that I am the â€Å"first known woman artists to achieve international fame,† (Clara, 2012) which means that my efforts and my talents have not gone in vain. It is my humble wish that decades from now, women can look at this painting and see that their efforts to be more equal to men are worth and so important. Amongst the paintings that I have created, there are several others that I think are an important contribution to the study of art. The first one is The Family Group, which I painted in 1558. In this painting, the central figures are my father, Amilcare, my sister Minerva, and my only brother, Asrudbale. In the painting, my fathers attention is focused on my brother, while my sister stands behind them. This painting representsShow MoreRelatedArt History Study Guide3003 Words   |  13 PagesMeadow; Galatea; Alba Madonna; Pope Leo with Nephews; Baldassare Castiglione * Titian –Assumption of the Virgin; Pesaro Madonna, Venice; Venus of Urbino; Isabella d’Este; Portrait of a Man * Mannerism (1520-1560) * Anguissola, Sofonisba –Artist’s Sisters and Brothers * Bologna –Abduction of the Sabine Woman; Astronomy * Bronzino –Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time (aka Exposure of Luxury); Portrait of a Young Man * Cellini –Saltcellar of Francis I;

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Social Shaping of Technology Free Essay Example, 2000 words

Research by Mackenzie and Wacjaman (1998) argues forcefully against the idea of technological determinism for the proposition that socialism shapes technologies. These researchers argue that technology is more about bureaucracy, social preferences, and economic pressures, and not just science invention. In her example, Cowan (1983 p. 16) argued that technical necessity did not introduce the refrigerator. However, because 1920 General Electric escalated the need for the United States to sell to their consumers 24hr household electric refrigerators to its consumers (MacKenzie & Wajcman 1985 p. 44). Consequently, social shaping approach became more popular within the European Union, and the scholars became more interested. However, other non-technical factors contributed to the domestic technological needs. A study by Crafts et al. (2007 p. 62) shows that there were many changes brought about by the World War I especially in the domestic settings. A good example is the gas lighting used in many homesteads before the war. It is clear that by 1918 after the War most homes were electrified meaning changing from oil and gas lamps to electric lighting system. This change brought about other changes in electric appliances that drastically changed the homemakers’ daily routine. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Shaping of Technology or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Ironing was among the most dreaded duties in the house due to the heavy iron weights and the pre-heating process that was so cumbersome. The introduction of the electric iron simplified the work. According to Cowan (1983 p. 21), they were cheap and user friendly, and by 1929 many homes especially in the urban areas owned iron boxes. In addition, the introduction of the washing machines became equally prevalent among the middle and the upper class. Edge (1988 p. 56) says that during the War, majority of the men joined the war fields leaving their families behind. This situation meant that the women joined the industries to work, and having less time for domestic duties. Research shows that some of these men never sent funds back home, and instead they entertained themselves through alcohol and prostitution. This means that the women had to do both the industrial and the domestic job. This pressure saw then embrace technologies like washing machines to enable them to balance between the industry and the domestic work (Delap 2011 p. 44). This process of laundry required being on the standby to add soap and stop the machine when necessary, however, it saved any upcoming issues regarding whose time it was to do the laundry.

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Effects On Ocean And Coastal Environments Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

string(178) " waies depending on how deep you look in the ocean, but the chief beginning that drives all ocean circulations is the energy from the Sun \( air current and ocean denseness \) \." Climate alteration is impacting the planet including coastal and ocean environments in a figure of ways. The impacts are non merely related to increasing temperatures but besides due to for illustration lessening in PH, sea degree rise and altered forms of and strength of air currents and storms.These phenomena have impacts on the ecosystem and a figure of economic activities including the maritime industry. We will write a custom essay sample on Effects On Ocean And Coastal Environments Environmental Sciences Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Oceans cover about 72 % of the Earth surface and provides a great and varied life infinite for countless species and Acts of the Apostless as the driving force over clime and conditions stages, specially on heat and fresh water. In add-on, these mass of H2O offer a profitable resourse for people through fishing activities, development of minerals, transportation, defence and leisure activities. ( Field et al, 2009 ) .Coastal zones form the outer boundary of the coastal sphere. Almost 60 % of people of universe population lives here taking advantage of its natural resourses. ( Field et al, 2009 ) . Due to over population of these countries, such ecosystems are now in danger and demand to be protected for future coevalss. Maritime conveyance carries over 80 % of universe trade by volume and surely it is non isolated from clime alterations ; the type, scope and magnitude of impacts vary harmonizing to local conditions, transit systems, designs and policies, every bit good as the cap acity to accommodate and minimise the costs. ( UNCTAD, 2009 ) Climate alteration is doing great concern in publicA?s heads, going one of the most warmest issues in the docket of governmental establishments, international and environmental organisations around the Earth. Then, it is necessary that certain preventative and disciplinary steps must be taken in order to get by with the damaging effects of clime alteration so as to guarantee that natural resoursess will be so for future coevalss. A civilization of free pollution, preservation of natural resourses must be develop around the planet and among young person. Therefore, this paper will depict the impacts of clime alteration on the planet concentrating on coastal and oceans countries. Its basic physical, chemical and biological phenomena and eventually will discourse the challenges and chances for the maritime industry. The function of oceans in the clime procedure This immense mass of H2O dramas an indispensable function in the clime procedure. They non merely influence clime but besides are linked to the ambiance by: Heat storage Transportation system of heat around the planet Vaporization Freezing and thowing in polar parts Gas storage and exchange Due to these functions, it can be notice that they are indispensable and it is necessary to take attention of them decently for the well-being of future coevalss. However, the world on behalf prosperity have been presenting new engineerings which have resulted in damaging effects for the planet. The most worring topic is the heating of the planetary ambiance. This takes topographic point when several gases are trapped in the ambiance and barricade the flower stalk of the earthA?s radiation to infinite. ( Edgerton, 1991 ) . Despite the fact that this action is a natural phenomenon, the invariably human actions increases the effects of clime alteration. Climate alteration and its effects on the ocean Oceans are in continual equilibrium with regard the degrees of CO2 and heat with the ambiance. Any fluctuation in regard of the measure of each of them in the ambiance will inevitable lead to alterations in the oceans as good. Therefore, the increase of these two factors makes the physical and chemical belongingss of oceans to change. There are five effects of clime alteration on the ocean which will be described in the undermentioned paragraphs, effects such as heater oceans, thaw of the poles, lifting sea degrees, alterations to the oceanA?s current systems and ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is one of the effects derived from clime alteration. Consecuently as oceans have dissolved inorganic C in three different signifiers: Bicarbonate, carbonate and C dioxide when oceans absorb CO2 from the ambiance in immense or inordinate sums due to the human action, the degree of CO2 in H2O additions doing H2O more acidic. ( Union of Concerned scientists, 2011 ) . This growing of CO2 reduces the sum of carbonate ions in H2O. Therefore, prevents coral reefs and shelled marine animate beings like plankton who need carbonate ions, to organize calcium hydroxide that composes their skeletons and shells. These alterations endangers the marine chemical science in add-on, acidification can besides impact ocean natural philosophies by cut downing the capableness of sound soaking up and leting sound to go much further. Both vegetations and zoologies are in danger due to acerb H2O, tropical reef edifice corals, cold H2O corals, molluscs and lobsters. As mentioned before oceans has the ability to storage heat. Then, climate alteration may do oceans to storage randomly heat and consequence in heater oceans, which make H2O expands and do ocean surface rise. In add-on, the thaw of inland glaciers, Continental ice sheets and polar ice besides contribute to sea degree rise which have sound effects on conditions conditions by increasing the frecuency of implosion therapies and storms. Detriment of sea ice consequences in the loss of natural home ground of several species like seals, seahorses, polar bear, penguins and besides affects the antartic home ground of the antartic krill which composes the bottom portion of the nutrient web. Furthermore, the warming oceans reinforce utmost conditions phenomenas such as hurricanes and typhoons flooring Marine ecosystems and people around the universe that depend on them to last. Phenomenas like coral bleaching, migration of species, alterations in behavior and in development of certain species a nd its sexual adulthood are atempting to the normal operation of marine ecosystems. Ocean major current systems may see alterations every bit good. These currents are driven by the interactions among different H2O multitudes and between these multitudes and the ambiance. ( Talley et al, 2009 ) . Ocean circulations are really complex and can go in different waies depending on how deep you look in the ocean, but the chief beginning that drives all ocean circulations is the energy from the Sun ( air current and ocean denseness ) . You read "Effects On Ocean And Coastal Environments Environmental Sciences Essay" in category "Essay examples" Temperature and salt are the chief features of pelagic H2O, alterations in salt concentration at the ocean surface affect the weight of surface Waterss. Fresh H2O is light and floats on the surface, while salty H2O is heavy and sinks. Both, salt and temperature determine saltwater denseness and opposition, driving the extent of ocean stratification, commixture, and H2O mass formation. Then harmonizing to Manabe and Stouffer 1993 ; Stocker and Schmittner 1997. As the ambiance warms, alterations in the Polar Regions cause surface Waterss to go heater and freshman. Such a alteration could hold important impacts on regional clime systems, including new current, air current, and precipitation forms ; increased ocean stratification ( and the associated hinderances to perpendicular H2O motion ) ; and changes to upwelling and downwelling. There are oceansA?ecosystems which can be extremely affected by clime alteration. A good illustration is the marine nutrient web composed chiefly by plankton, seals, giants, sharks, tunas and worlds. Foods travel through oceans from bugs to giants ground for why alterations in any portion of the nutrient web can do dropping effects that modify full Marine ecosystems. Besides decresed upwelling because of warmer multitudes of H2O agencies that fewer foods from lower in the H2O column will do it to the surface. Warming temperatures cause migration of Marine species, due to the rise in temperature in tropic countries some species are obliged to travel towards the poles. In add-on, these species may stand for a hazard for new ecosystems since they become invasive species. Harmonizing to old paragraphs, Climate alteration is the consequence of human intercession and causes several effects on the ocean which can impact its physical and chemical features every bit good as the marine ecosystem. Some of these effects are irreversible and can take ages to reconstruct them ; moreover, the purpose of international organisations every bit good as governmental 1s is to seek and happen the best manner to continue natural resources for future coevalss. Climate alteration and its effects in coastal countries Coastal countries are non the exclusion of the effects of sea degree rise, in fact deltas, barrier islands, Rhizophora mangles, wetlands and stuaries every bit good as coral reefs will be affected. Some of these are natural protections against terrible storms forestalling amendss to the coastal ecosystems and homo made installations. Coral reefs back up several species and supply shelter and nutrient to all of them, doing a extremely rich Marine ecosystem. Peoples besides take advantage of its fishing and touristry, besides, coral constructions serve as a natural barriers from unsafe ocean storms. Additions in planetary sea surface temperature imply that coral reef thermic thresholds will be exceeded more often and this is projected to ensue in more frequent and more intense coral bleaching events and subsequent widespread mortality. ( Herr and Galland, 2009 ) Climate alteration and hence anthropogenetic nursery emanations affect coral reefs by doing seawater chemical science alterations, temperature addition, and low-lying rise. Besides, opprobrious fishing, pollution and invasive species increases the hazard of danger. Lower ocean PH and changed carbonate chemical science would diminish the calcification necessary for constructing coral reef stuff. ( Kennedy, et Al. 2002 ) . Higher temperatures produces coral bleaching and even mortality. And in those coral reefs near coastal countries the sea degree rise may increase coastal eroding so corrupting H2O quality and forestalling light incursion which means that it will be more hard for algaes to bring forth photosynthesis. If coral reefs disapears it will make besides the biodiversity, piscaries and recreational activities will be surely be affected. Harmonizing to Kennedy, et Al. ( 2002 ) In salt fen and mangrove home grounds, low-lying rise may submerse wetlands, waterlog dirts, and cause works decease from salt emphasis. Most wetland home grounds can last low-lying rise by migrating inland to countries of diminishing tidal flood along undeveloped ( by worlds ) shores with comparatively soft inclines. Wetland fens are of import subscribers to the biological productiveness of coastal systems and map as baby’s rooms and as safeties from marauders for commercially of import shellfish and fish and for birds like some tracks, chumps, and terns. Rising sea degrees will ab initio increase entree to marsh surfaces by fish and invertebrates, possibly increasing their production in the short term ( e.g. , Gulf of Mexico runt crops ) . Estuaries are semi-enclosed multitudes of H2O in which fresh water and saltwater mix if alterations happens in fresh water tey will ensue in fluctuations in the estuary ‘s salt, accordingly those beings who permantely live at that place have to accommodate themselves to such variableness. In add-on, these multitudes of H2O symbolize great chances for activities such as fishing. Worlds activities contributes to the bulnerability of islands which even a little rise in sea degree can do those barrier islands move toward the mainland through a procedure of beach eroding on their seaward border, overwash of deposit across the island during storms, and deposition of the scoured deposit in the quieter Waterss of the inland bay. The rate of this natural migration depends mostly on the rate of low-lying rise, and besides on the frequence and badness of storms and hurricanes. ( Kennedy, et Al. 2002 ) . Climate alteration, challenges and chances for the maritime industry To get down with, the term maritime industry involves non merely the shiping of certain lading to an specific port, in fact it includes a broad scope of activities for illustration designing of ships, building, runing age-related macular degeneration mantaining of ships, services such as stevedoring every bit good as transportation and cargo forwarding services. Then, in the epoch of clime alteration public concern about GHG emmissions released by transporting industry is deriving more and more attending and requires nautical industry and international organisations to take action. Presently, planetary action about stabilising GHG emanations at manageable degrees implies a great challenge and calls for new engineering, energy efficiency and finance to be revised and invested. International cooperation among scientists and applied scientists, international organizarions and policymakers are needed in order to lucubrate equal ordinances. At present, nautical industry is confronting two chief challenges sing Climate Change: to cut down its part to planetary heating to accommodate to the impacts of clime alteration The manner maritime industry contributes with planetary heating is through transporting industry which carries more than 80 % of planetary trade. Maritime conveyance is responsible for 3,3 % of planetary CO2 emanations from fuel ingestion. ( IMO, 2009 ) . Due to its profitableness and efficiency ships tend to be constructed in big measures and bigger than of all time earlier. What in simple words means that the part to planetary warming done by GHG emanations from ships will increase excessively. The decrease of GHG emanations from ships represents a challenge for the industry, because transportation is already, by far the most carbon-efficiency manner of commercial conveyance particularly when compares to aviation, but besides when compares to trains and trucks ( IMO, 2009 ) The chief challenge here is to cut GHG emanations from international transportation without sabotaging development aims, and without endangering conveyance efficiency and trade facilitation additions ( UNCTAD, 2009 ) . The maritime conveyance have to face besides the impacts of Climate Change such as lifting sea degree, utmost conditions and lifting temperatures. The industry is increasing at higher degrees than of all time before and if things continue without a regulative legal model, likely we will be confronting an increase of 150 % – 250 % in the GHG from transporting around 2050 ( IMO, 2009 ) . In order to pollute less ships have to decelerate down the velocity, since high velocity requires more ingestion of sand trap fuel. The fuel used in transporting comes from crude oil which is extremely pollutant for the environment. However, as transporting represents one of the major manners of conveyance of the Earth and carries about 90 % of universe trade, the thought of slow down the velocity will ensue in less diligence of the shipper in presenting the lading, what will likely ensue in a loss of possible clients. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC ) trades with climate alteration issues but does non turn to GHG emanations from international transportation. For this ground, the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) was encouraged to make so. Then in order to get by with this affair the IMO has developed some steps, the cutting-edge is the IMO Resolution MEPC 203 ( 62 ) adopted on 15th July 2011. This Resolution adds a new chapter at the terminal of Annex VI of MARPOL that leads with â€Å" Regulations for Energy Efficiency for Ships † which establishes that an â€Å" Energy Efficiency Design Index ( EEDI ) † will be compulsory for all new ships, every bit good as a â€Å" Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan ( SEEMP ) † will be compulsory for all ships as a portion of the â€Å" Ship Safety Management System ( SMS ) † . Harmonizing to the UNFCCC convention ( 2009 ) : aˆÂ ¦ topographic points a heavier load on developed states to cut down GHG emanations under the rule of â€Å" common but differentiated duties † . While developing states are non bound by any specified emanation decrease marks, by 2000 developed states had to cut down their GHG emanations to 1990 degrees. They are besides required to advance and ease the transportation of climate-friendly engineerings to developing states and to states with economic systems in passage. In simple words, developed states should assist developing states in cut downing GHG emanations by supplying them with all the engineering necessary to avoid pollution. The international community have proposed new thoughts and possible steps to cut down GHG emanations, for illustration â€Å" Global emanation trading strategy † and the â€Å" Global levy on international maritime fuel † ( IMO, 2012 ) . The former one, implies the buying of allowances which shippers will hold to subject harmonizing to the GHG that they create. Hence, shippers will hold the pick of either to cut down their emanations or buy their decreases from other sectors. The latter one, implies that when ship operators buy the fuel, some revenue enhancement will be added to its monetary value, that revenue enhancement will be used for investing in new friendly- engineerings. The challenge of cut down or cut GHG emanations from ships have lead to new engineerings to be considered as the posible solution to the issue of Climate alteration, which means that in order to integrate that new engineering into ships it will necessitate more investing in the portion of shipowners in order to follow with the new international steps. New ships with advanced engineering, wholly environmentaly friendly will be a great chance for the transportation industry. Other possible solution from the proficient point of position and a great challenge besides, is cut down fossil fuels ingestion and increase efficiency. And from the operational point of position, betterments in the velocity direction and the efficient of the ships through a better planning of the ocean trip classs. Decisions Climate alteration affects coastal and ocean environments in many different ways. But non merely these are the 1s affected, besides the maritime industry is reached by the effects of clime alteration. Global clime alteration is predicted to impact air and H2O temperatures, low-lying rise, precipitation, air current forms, and the frequence and strength of storms. Changes in temperature can act upon reproduction, growing and can do some species to migrate to other ecosystems. In coastal countries, fens and Rhizophora mangles are of import subscribers to the biological productiveness of coastal systems are bulnerable to sea degree rise. Coral reefs are at peculiar hazard from planetary clime alteration since alterations in carbonate chemical science could decrease the copiousness of microscopic open-ocean workss and animate beings that build Ca carbonate constructions. The maritime industry has to confront two challenges in this epoch, to cut down its part to planetary heating and to accommodate to the impacts of clime alteration. The possibilities are to cut down fuel ingestion without losing efficiency and adopting and bettering new ways of planning ocean trips. However, both nautical industry and international organisations have to collaborate and work together to carry through the same end, which is no less than protect the environment and cut down in this instance GHG emanations. How to cite Effects On Ocean And Coastal Environments Environmental Sciences Essay, Essay examples

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Ludwig Von Beethoven Essay Research Paper Ludwig free essay sample

Ludwig Von Beethoven Essay, Research Paper Ludwig von Beethoven One of the greatest musical masterminds of all clip didn? t even cognize his ain birthday. Ludwig von Beethoven was born 2nd in his household, behind Ludwig Maria, his older brother, who died really immature. This loss may still hold stung their parents. Their hurting could hold overshadowed the 2nd Ludwig? s ain early childhood. The brothers shared a name, Ludwig, which likely added to his confusion. A common error is the claim that Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770. This is really the day of the month of his baptism, which suggests that he may hold been born on December 16, but the inside informations are unknown. Although his birthday is unknown, we do cognize that he was born in Bonn, Germany. Miserably brought up at that place by a male parent who wanted him to go a profitable musical baby prodigy, he joined the Elector of Cologne? s orchestra. We will write a custom essay sample on Ludwig Von Beethoven Essay Research Paper Ludwig or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He finally received lessons from Mozart in Vienna, a metropolis in which he would subsequently settle down. He besides studied under Haydn, Albrechtsberger, and perchance Salieri. Chiefly, Beethoven played piano, but he besides played fiddle and viola, among others. Beethoven? s music is by and large divided into three periods. The first, around 1792-1802, was termed the Classical Period. During this period he wrote his first two symphonic musics, the first six fours, his? Path? tique? and? Moonlight? sonatas, and bit by bit personalized his manner. It was besides during this period that he started to develop hearing loss, around age 30. This status may hold started as an untreated ear infection, and would finally render him about wholly deaf. Beethoven? s 2nd period was around 1803-1812, and included his? Eroica? symphonic music and the? Kreutzer? sonata, among others. T he final period, one he helped usher in, was the Romantic period, began in 1813, and included his ?Choral? symphony and his last five quartets. Overall, Beethoven composed 9 symphonies, 1 opera, 32 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, 16 string quartets, and 16 sonatas for one instrument and a piano. Of the 9 symphonies, the fifth and ninth are the most popular. Being the great composer that he was, his fifth symphony shows innovations in its inclusion of the piccolo, the double bassoon, and the three trombones of the final movement. After composing all of this in his wondrous career, Beethoven contracted a severe chill, from which he died on March 26, 1827. Beethoven was a musical genius, and, as geniuses tend to do, he left a huge impact on the entire civilization of the world. He left his mark on the political world in works such as his Eroica symphony. This symphony contained a musical representation of the heroism he saw in Napoleon. He also left his mark in the cultural area of life. His opera, Fidelo, contained messages praising the ideals of freedom, praising individual dignity, and of heroism overcoming tyranny, a few of the ideals characterizing the French Revolution. Obviously he left his mark on the musical world, bringing in Romanticism, introducing new ideas that were different and completely revolutionary, and simply by displaying his musical genius in great works. Not everyone could tell you about Beethoven?s politics or cultural views. On the other hand, while a few will insist Beethoven was a large St. Bernard in ?some movie they saw,? nearly everyone you ask will say, ?Oh, yeah, Beethoven. Wasn?t he that music guy which is 2000 slang for, ?Beethoven may have been the greatest and most influential musician of all time.?

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La Madeleine Church Essays - Madeleine, La Madeleine, Paris, Church

La Madeleine Church La Madeleine is a church in Paris that started during the reign XV, and designed by Constant d'Ivry using plans based on the St-Louis-des-Invalide church. concerts are held here several times a week , usually in the evening. During the academic year, there are free Sunday afternoon concerts. La Madeleine also remains a place of worship. The construction of this curious church in the shape of Greek temple was decided in 1757. The old church had become well too small for the population which had increased a lot. How to get there? The district of the Madeleine is the downward direct one of The City Eveque, a small borough located out of the city and stronghold of eveque of Paris. The original church is located at the level of the beginning of the Malsherbes boulevard (on the level 8)

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Write an Argumentative Outline with Ease!

Write an Argumentative Outline with Ease! Want to Know How to Write an Outline for an Argumentative Essay? An argumentative essay is quite a common task, which is assigned at both high school and college. It aims to show the tutor how students are able to study the topic, gather information, process it and provide strong evidence on a given subject. This task requires lots of energy and time, so we have decided to collect information on the key elements and features, which your argumentative paper outline should possess. During the working process, you need to study all the arguments and choose the side you are on. This may require lots of sleepless nights, as the volume of information may be very impressive. However, it doesn’t mean that a first-class argumentative essay is a huge challenge. We offer you an article, which will answer all of your questions and you will be able to create an outline that will reflect all of your ideas in a clear and brief manner. Proper structure Any time you need to start something new, you feel nervous and think that the task is too complicated. Let us assure you that after reading this guide you will find the whole process quite simple and won’t need to stress out. Your outline should consist of equally important sections, which aim to show the tutor what you stand on. These sections include: Introduction; Working on arguments; Discrowning opponent’s arguments; Conclusions. Let us take a closer look at every section. Just make yourself comfortable and continue reading! Introduction You probably know a popular saying that you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It greatly reflects the whole deal with the introductory section, as it can easily catch the reader’s interest or make him want to drop your essay at once. As any other paper, an argumentative introduction should consist of the hook, basic information and a thesis statement. The hook is the first sentence you read and it has a huge impact on the number of audience you will have. You will probably agree that you will likely stop reading an article or a book if the beginning is boring or uninteresting. The same applies to your essay and you need to make your hook as catchy, as possible. Here are the things you may use as a hook: Quotes of famous people or characters; Anecdotes if your topic is entertaining and doesn’t require an academic tone; A question, which will intrigue the reader; A misconception; A fact or statistics, which will surprise the audience. After the hook, you should proceed with the basic information on the subject. To make the whole process much simpler, you should try to answer the following questions: Who may consider this topic important? What matter are you going to talk about? Why you think the topic is important? You need to finish your introduction with a thesis statement, which should be not more than two sentences long. It should give the reader a chance to understand what your essay is about. It should be performed in a form of a statement about the general idea of the whole paper. Don’t forget to include your personal opinion on the subject to give the reader a chance to understand what side you are on. Remember, most of the readers pay great attention to the thesis statement, so it is crucial to make it specific, focused, clear and readable, and correspond with the main goals of your argumentative essay. Don’t forget that your thesis is not a title and shouldn’t become an absolute statement. It is the quintessence, the general idea of your work and can become your biggest strength if prepared thoughtfully. Working on the arguments Now, when your introductory section is ready, it is necessary to work on the arguments. The second section of your essay should consist evidence, which will support all of your arguments on a given topic. You should start every paragraph with the claim. It is the central part of your essay and has a great effect on the flow of your whole work. Your claims should be catchy, strong and interesting, as they form your arguments and give the reader an idea of what principles you stand for. The main goal of a claim is to determine the direction and the scope of the paper. However, it is quite simple to make such a statement: think of the subject and audience to choose a proper argument. When this part is ready, go on to providing the evidence. Every claim of your essay should be backed by evidence. This means that the reader should see that your argument is credible, valid and trustworthy. You need to process huge volumes of information to find facts, statistics, researches and so on. Once your outline is ready, you will get an idea of what claims to include to your text and you can start working on finding a proper evidence. Search for academic papers online, at libraries or ask your tutor for some materials. Remember, a claim, which is not backed with evidence, is pointless. You need to prove your point of view and give the audience a chance to see that you have completed a thorough research. They need to be sure that your arguments are strong and valid to believe you. Discrowning opponent’s arguments One of the biggest mistakes any student makes, while completing an argumentative essay is that he works only on his arguments and a proper evidence. He just supports one claim after another, trying to persuade the reader to support his point of view. However, such attitude is far from a proper one, as an argumentative essay is all about giving the audience a chance to see not only your position on the matter but also to get familiar with the opposite thoughts. That is why in the third section you need to prove arguments of your opponents and try to debunk them. It is quite a simple task, as you will have access to multiple sources, both offline and online. Try to get reliable information or find out weak places in opposite arguments to uncrown them. The structure of this section is quite similar to the previous one. Your paragraphs should start with a claim or an argument followed by your evidence why the statement is incorrect. Using such techniques, you will prove the reader that your point of view is correct. While giving the reader a chance to get familiar with both sides, you help yourself to prove you are right and earn respect and trust of the audience. In addition, you will look noble because of including other opinions to your argumentative essay. Don’t forget that this section should also be backed with trustworthy sources, proper references and credible statistics. Conclusions Once your introduction and evidence sections are ready, you can take a deep breath and have a break. Pour yourself some coffee, go for a walk and relax. Once you have a proper rest, proceed with working on the final section. It is a well-known fact that your conclusions play a crucial part in the final impression from the work. However, most of the students still neglect this section, thinking that no one ever reads it. If you want to make your conclusions flawless, you need to remember that they should consist of three parts: Restatement of your arguments; A short summary of the whole work and the thesis statement; A statement of the benefits and of a positive impact of the arguments on the society. Here you can also make a sort of a warning what may happen if the reader doesn’t support your ideas. To make the paper look organic, try to make your conclusions the same size, as the introductory section. Never use the same phrases, as the reader may think that your paper is repetitive. Tips to remember Now, when you know how an argumentative essay is created and how its outline looks like, you can be sure to perform the task in the best possible way. However, there is always a cherry on the top and here is a list of advice, which you may use throughout the way: You need to understand the topic clearly before starting your work on an outline; Always consult your plan to make sure you include every important idea to your text; Provide only credible information, which is backed with statistics. Never make up facts, as they may be checked on a plagiarism software and you will have serious troubles; Use simple language and short sentences; Edit and proofread your paper a multiple times before you eliminate all the mistakes. As you see, an argumentative essay is not a task to be afraid of. It is just a way to provide evidence on a topic, backed with trustworthy information. To make sure you obtain high grades, simply use the outline, which was discussed in our article.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Unemployment and Inflation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unemployment and Inflation - Essay Example During inflation, the government must come up with various fiscal and monetary measures to redeem the situation. Thus unemployment and inflation are usually correlated. As the level of unemployment reduces, firms will spend more on salaries leading to high costs in production. These high costs are then passed to the final consumers in the economy in form of high price commodity generating inflationary measures in the economy (Gordon, & Solow, 2004). While the opposite is also true. As unemployment increases, workers will demand fewer wages that will lower the production costs. This is then passed inform of low prices to the consumers leading to reduced inflation. From the institution above, the correlation between unemployment and inflation is the inverse relationship. As one increases the other reduces and vice-versa. This implies that the economy can only achieve one at a time but not both be leading to a trade-off as shown below. The diagram above represents the tradeoff that exis ts between unemployment and inflation rate. The economy can either do with a high inflation rate say 8% and a low unemployment rate of 3%. They can also do with a low inflation of 4% and a high unemployment rate of 6%. This is an economically proved situation in many countries and I totally agree with the correlation. Laborers always demand high wages in return for the compensation of the work they do for the company. Firms also do not have much choice since they have to hire workers if they have to produce. In the process of production, they will always want to recover the costs that were used in products like the wages and costs of raw materials (Gordon, & Solow, 2004). This is passed to the final beneficiary of the commodity inform of high prices. So for firms to reduce prices they must do so at the low cost of production and one way is to minimize the use of labor. These situations results into the inverse correlation between